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Your kid is an idiot

...and so are you

Dot.kids snark
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"It's like if childfree and dot_pet_snark had a baby...and everyone laughed at it!" -eyes_of_kali

We've all experianced them, bratty kids with stupid parents.
We've all been in line behind a screaming 6 year old DEMANDING candy and mommy (who's preggers yet again) is standing there with a glassy stare in her eyes while the kid continues screaming.

Well this community is to laugh at those idiots.
Your entries don't *have* to be snarky, but that *is* kind of the point of the community.

-dumb parents/kids on the internet
-dumb parents/kids on tv
-dumb parents/kids in stores, in your neighborhood etc

You CAN link to threads/users on LJ, but that doesn't mean you can say "hey GO TROLL TEH BREEDERZ" because that's stupid. Although I can't stop people from trolling, I CAN stop people from telling other members to troll/flame.

You don't have to be childfree (or even childhating) to join. BUT with that in mind, if you're a parent please don't come in here with the whole "I'M a parent and MYYYY kids are SO AMAZINGLY GOOD AND CUTE AND PERFECT", there are plenty of PARENTING communities for that, please use them.
On that note, don't get offended at "childfree" terms like "sproglet", "crotch droppling", "breeder", "fucktrophy" and the like. If you can't handle people snarking at little kids, don't join a snarking-at-kids community. It's actually very simple.

Enjoy the snark.